The Hotel Florida, colonial elegant structure of the XIX century, it was built in the beginning of two plants with mezzanine, stonework and a beautiful facade was placed in marble in the principal access.

This principal facade of the Hotel Florida is located in Obispo Street, probably it was took charge in to Italy by the wealthy family of merchandisers of San Ignacio's Count and it’s known as the most excellent in that time.

Hotel Florida Suites Room

This construction was elaborated in fine white marble and it responds with fidelity to the classic style: carved frieze and metopes where the scale, the horn of the abundance and the caduceus appear and regrettably it has not conserved the original door.

Through this facade it gained access directly to the vestibule conceived originally with double prop that was eliminated in later time.

Its rectangular plant is developed around a central patio structured with arches of half point and slender columns of doric and Ionic order and that it was roofed years later.

The access to the superior plants was carried out for a stairway located to the left in an extreme of the gallery, this formed two or three stretches, with marble steps and forged rail the same as the lattice gate.

This stairway was eliminated and in its place a new one was built and an elevator was placed too.

The colonial balconies of the Hotel Florida and inner courtyard with polychromed windows will make travel in the time until the splendor of the colonial time.

Hotel Florida Suites Room

The protection of balconies was elaborated in toto in iron and the interior patio with big tile in draughtboard.

In general, the original roofs have been conserved that they are of beam and plank with the wood to the natural in ground floor and mezzanine, and in the high plants the reinforcement ceilings of plaster were hidden with splendid decoration of ceiling rosette and other elements.

The silence dominates the activities of the Hotel Florida, in an environment decoration to the colonial way, with big iron lamps, armchairs of smooth colors and a welcoming patio for the guests that bet for that installation of the historical center of Havana.

Hotel Florida Suites Room

The lobby bar Florida, escorted by big columns, offers Cuban and international art of cocktail, besides special drinks that take the unique stamp of the property, among them Florida and Dora Special.

Also, it has the Piano Bar Maragato whose name is a tribute to one of the most famous barmen in Cuba in the first decades of the XX century, in an elegant place, intimate and welcoming.

All told, the Hotel Florida already has a select clientele that goes always to take refuge among its walls, attracted them by its privileged position for the leisure in the capital of the bigger than Antilles.

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